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WHITENING "Blank Verse"
Intensive whitening

Visible result after first use



R.O.C.S.® aims to take health and effectiveness in oral care to new levels of safety In choosing toothpaste ingredients, we give preference to herbal and mineral raw materials. In our products, we use natural ingredients which are an ideal, well thought-out combination and are proved to be effective in the prevention of cavities and gum disease. We have developed a unique technologic process which demands a toothpaste preparation time 4 times longer than usual, in order to preserve the properties of the active ingredients used. A variety of fabulous non-traditional flavors from mint to sweet raspberry, blooming jasmine to blooming sakura, or chocolate with a hint of peppermint, give customers the freedom of choice and motivation to brush their teeth regularly.
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R.O.C.S. Oral Care Products

Remineralizing Oral Care Systems (R.O.C.S.®) does not only mean toothpastes and oral gels but a whole systematic approach to oral care, specifically designed and offered to our clientel and the whole wide world at large.

R.O.C.S.® oral care products were developed with a focus on age-specific differences and requirements while providing effective and tasty care for your teeth and gums.

The line of R.O.C.S.® products includes a wide range of toothpastes, toothbrushes, mouthwashes, interdental and specialized oral care utensils. The properties claimed by R.O.C.S. products are confirmed by independent clinical studies and laboratory tests, the results of which are published in magazines and online.