R.O.C.S.Toothbrush Teens

For children aged 8-18


The unique form of the R.O.C.S. toothbrush head - a bristle shape that is slanted towards the end - increases the quality of the cleaning of the surface of the teeth and allows for an effortless penetration into hard-to-reach areas of the dentition, and also for a high-quality cleaning of the interdental spaces without damaging the gums. A thin, flat and transparent handle ensures for extraordinary maneuverability on all sections of the dentition.


The irregular, multilevel bristle trim makes it easier to penetrate the hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity, and improves the quality of the cleaning of the "far" teeth and palatal and lingual surfaces of the teeth.

The bristles on the end of the head are shortened, allowing the brush to reach and effectively clean the "far" teeth (retromolar space).
The thread for the bristle is produced by "Pedex" (Germany) - a world leader in the production of high-quality materials.
The end of each bristle thread is rounded and thoroughly polished.

The high-quality bristle does not damage the enamel of the teeth, does not scratch dental restorations and does not injure the gums.
Attractive, flamboyant design. Soft bristle. A multilevel trim design is most effective for the permanent tooth eruption period.

Mechanism of action

The unique form of the  toothbrush head - a bristle shape that is slanted towards the end and provides easy access to clean the "far" teeth 

A unique triple-polishing bristle tip technology ensures a safe brushing and excludes any possibility of damage to the hard dental tissues and the gums 

The uniquely-shaped ultrathin  bristle significantly improves the effectiveness of brushing and ensures a gentle massage of the gums.